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#MINA2016 – Mobile Futures: Poetics, Production and Innovation.

The 6th International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium & Screening @ Swinburne University – Melbourne, Australia, 30 November – 1 December 2016.

Mobile Innovation Network Australasia [MINA –] is an international network that actively promotes innovative research and creative practice in the field of mobile media.
This year MINA is pleased to announce that Swinburne University (AUS) will host #mina2016 – International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium & Screening in Melbourne – Australia, in collaboration with Te Rewa O Puanga – School of Music and Creative Media Production and Toi Rauwharangi, the College of Creative Arts (Massey University, NZ), Colab (Auckland University of Technology, NZ), and in association with RMIT University (AUS).

From avant-garde filmmaking and radical remediation, through to media methods, games, apps and politics, mobile media presents opportunities to forge new practices, new identities and new futures. The symposium provides a platform for artists, designers, filmmakers, researchers and industry professionals to debate the prospect of mobile and ubiquitous technologies. We are particularly interested in papers that showcase creative practice as a methodological approach and how mobiles contribute to transdisciplinary co-creation or collaboration in the creative industries. We also welcome research papers that discuss the use of mobile media as a means of social change and/or how mobile devices can enhance learning, teaching, health and communication.


The 6th International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium @ Swinburne University – Melbourne, will specifically focus on the following themes:


Mobile & Making: Film, Documentary, Photography, Sound and Performance.

Mobile & Storytelling: Writing, Poetry, Mobile Journalism (MoJo) and Screenwriting.

Mobile & Identities: Intimacy, Self and Otherness, Mobile Social Media and Ethics.

Mobile & Politics: Activism, Disruption, Hacking, Media Ecology and Big Data.

Mobile & Location: Place, Space, Geo-location based, Augmented Reality, Virtual Realityand Mixed Reality.

Mobile & Play: Games, Interactivity, Ludification, User Experience and Participation.

Mobile & Education: Community of practice, Digital Classrooms, M-Learning and Pedagogy.

Mobile & Health: Public Health, Social innovation, Youth Development, Social Inequalities, Environment, Sports, Medicine and Wellbeing.



The 6th International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium is seeking papers, presentations or panel proposals from practitioners, researchers, academics and activists working in the realm of mobile media. MINA encourages interaction between people, content and the creative industry within the Pacific region and beyond. MINA welcomes presentations in a variety of formats including academic papers, workshops, panel presentations, performances, project showcases and screenings. The Symposiumwill also provide the opportunity to present papers via live video and live web-broadcasts.

For each submission, please submit:

- a proposal / abstract of approximately 400 words, including the title

- a brief biographical (100 words maximum)

via Easychair >


DEADLINE for paper abstracts and presentation/panel proposals:

- Friday 24 June 2016, 5pm (NZ time)

NOTE: All presenters will be notified of acceptances by mid-August 2016. A list of all selected papers will be published online.


Building on a highly successful six years, including the publication of an edited collection of essays in ‘Mobile Media Making in an Age of Smartphones’ (Palgrave) and numerous special issue refereed journals including ‘Ubiquity: Journal of Pervasive Media’ and the ‘Journal of Creative Technologies’.  All abstracts are double-blind peer reviewed and successful papers/proposals will be considered for peer-reviewed publication outcomes, ranging from themed special issue academic journals, and two proposed mobile media edited essay collections, one with a focus on Making Mobile Media and the other exploring Mobile Identities.

Please note: If you have any questions related to conference proposals please contact Dean Keep [ | +61 9214 8509 ] or Laurent Antonczak []. 

Fringe 2012 logo

Mobile Visual Art Showcase @ Fringe Awards

Fringe Awards at Paramount Cinema, Wellington, Sun 4th February, 4pm




French/NZ collaboration explores mobile filmmaking in real-time on the 21st December 2011.

Local mobile film innovators Virtuo (Auckland | Strasbourg | Helsinki) and MINA (Aotearoa) have collaborated on the creation of a global live mobile film event, ‘Shoot Me Now’, as part of the French short film festival “Le Jour Le Plus Court”, to be held on 21 December, 2011.


MINA poster_lo-01

International Mobile Innovation Screening 2011

23rd – 26th November 2011

Film Archive, Wellington, New Zealand

MINA Mobile Creativity and Innovation Symposium

26th November 2011

Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

Registration [$ 30 including lunch]



Call for Mobile Films:

International Mobile Innovation Screening 2011

23rd – 26th November 2011

Film Archive, Wellington, New Zealand




Video Content for Mobile Phone…

Mobile phones are creative media, getting more sophisticated all the time. No longer “just a phone”, these are serious visual creative tools, but the element of communication still remains, remediated as collaboration.

In this article we explore key trends in mobile media production and look at opportunities in New Zealand and beyond.




Experimenting with the mobile phone to see what works… or does not.

Discovering a new medium and developing relevant content for mobile devices.


Te Papa 2011


On the 16th June, Te Papa hosted a one-off screening of a selection of creative works made for mobile phones, using mobile phones by Laurent Antonczak and Max Schleser.