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The Mobile Innovation Network Australasia is an international network that promotes cultural and research activities to expand the emerging possibilities of mobile media.

In its fifth edition MINA will present a public screening of smartphone, mobile and pocket films at RMIT University and on Fed TV at Federation Square, Melbourne.

Screening at Fed Square (20th Nov 2015) and RMIT University (19th Nov 2015)

Further information about the screening and MINA Mobile Innovation and Mobile Creativity Symposium online

Please RSVP for screening

Mobile, Smartphone & Pocket Filmmakers:

Julien Tatham, Ligia Ramos, David Cowlard, Swathy Deepak, Ali Reza Salmanpour, Bobie (Yves Bommenel), Daniel Boobyer, Nikko P. Dajao, Gwendoline Rippe, Anna Jones, Carey Scheer, Smiljana Glisovic, Alex Dick, Leo Berkeley, Felipe Cardona, Meg Mappin, Mallika Worboys, Vanessa Vox, Nadine Bénichou, Seth Keen, Patrick Kelly, Ryan Fox, Max Schleser, Paul Trillo and James Thompson.

Coordination and curation by Dr Max Schleser & Dr Seth Keen



As part of the 4th MINA Symposium. More infos and tickets:


6th December at 4.30pm

Ngā Taonga Sound & Vision, Te Anakura Whitiāhua, 84 Taranaki Street, Wellington,

The theme of the #MINA2014 program is On The Move. In response to an open call for submission more mobile, smartphone and pocket films were submitted than ever before. This year already in its 4th edition, the MINA showcase includes micro-movies and micro-formats on travel and mobility, as well as various adventure films and projects realised with GoPros. Mobile cameras are more obiquitous than ever before, and their vastly improved technical standards are beginning to seriously challenge DSLR still cameras in terms of image treatment. what is my ip? . While any lens can be mounted onto smartphones, DSLRS and high end cameras still do not fit in your pocket.

For the 4th edition of the International Mobile Innovation Screening MINA is honoured to announce Robert Cahen as creative patron. 


Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa [MINA] is an international network that promotes cultural and research activities to expand the emerging possibilities of mobile media. MINA aims to explore the opportunities for interaction between people, content and the creative industry within the context of Aotearoa/New Zealand and internationally.

This year MINA is pleased to announce that Colab (Creative Technologies Research Institute for the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at AUT University) will host the 2014 International Symposium & Screening to be held at AUT University’s City campus, in collaboration with the College of Creative Arts, Massey University (Wellington).

The Symposium provides a platform for filmmakers, artists, designers, researchers and industry professionals to debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in art and design environments and the creative industries.

Anders Weberg (Artist and Curator, Sweden), Associate Professor Gerda Cammaer (Ryerson University) and Dr Marsha Berry (RMIT University, Australia) with Dr Max Schleser (Massey University, New Zealand) and Laurent Antonczak (AUT University, New Zealand), will present key notes at the MINA Mobile Creativity and Innovation Symposium in Auckland on the 20th and 21st of November 2014.

THURSDAY 20/11/2014

8:30 | 9 > registrations


9:30 | 10:30 > KEYNOTE by Anders Weberg

10:30 | 17:00 > Symposium

18:30 > Screening

19:30 | 20:30 > Social Event (invitation only)

FRIDAY 21/11/2013

8:30 | 9 > registrations


9:30 | 10:30 > KEYNOTE by Associate Professor Gerda Cammaer and Dr Marsha Berry with Dr Max Schleser and Laurent Antonczak

10:30 | 17:00 > Symposium

17:00  > Social Event (invitation only)

Order tickets via Eventbrite:
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This year’s MINA screening program features pocket films, mobile-mentaries and smartphone film from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, France, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, the U.K. and the U.S.A. ip checker . The 2013 International Mobile Innovation Screening is curated by the MINA Screening Committee and Max Schleser in collaboration with MINA’s partner film festivals: iPhoneFF (USA), SEISFF (Korea), Cinephone (Spain), Mobile Film Festival (Macedonia), Mobil Film Festival (USA), Ohrenblick Mal and Mobile Streifen (Germany).

06 November | 6.30 – 7pm reception | 7pm – 8.30pm screening |

Location: The New Zealand Film Archive - Te Anakura Whitiahua, 84 Taranaki Street

Ticket price: $8 Public | $6 Concession


21 November |  7pm – 8pm
22 November |  6pm – 7pm

The Auckland screenings are free and open to the public.

Location: AUT City Campus WG404, Level 4, WG Sir Paul Reeves Building, Governor Fitzroy Place


9 December |  5pm – 8pm

The Melbourne screenings are free and open to the public.

Location:  Cinema, Swanston Academic Building, Swanston St


Łukasz Krysiewicz, Wilhelm Jerusalem – Kołacze
Maria Donata Napoli, Movies are made of light!
Nathalie Giraud + Timothée Corteggiani, The Girl with The Red Balloons
Benoît Labourdette, Break
Kaihei HASE, Hydroscope
Simon Woolham, A Short Term Effect
Anders Weberg, Absent VIII + Sincerely Yours
Kristian Day, I See What Is Here
Lorena A. Díaz Herrera + Stefania Ramírez López, TransmiLoop
Kevin Logan, To Have & To Have Not
Marsha Berry, Slivers of Necessity
Jake Ngawaka, Damp
Ian McClerin, December 28th
Zaher Omareen, Two Stories
Patrick Kelly, North
Anne Massoni, Yours & Mine 2
24 Frames 24 Hours Mobile Filmmaking Crew and Max Schleser, 24 Frames 24 Hours
Leila Nadir + Cary Peppermint, Indeterminate Hikes
Paul Taylor, Digital Trust Hike
Giuliano Chiaradia, #Artmobile Symphony Mobile 4 Editions
Andrew B. White, Diameter
Max Schleser, Midtown
Jillian Roberts, 24 Minutes
Alexey Abramovich, SIM-Ki
Tam Webster, On the Run
Gerda Cammaer, Mobilarte
Leo Berkeley, The 57
Adrian Miles, About 7am: The First Quarter
Candy Elsmore, A Grand Mother
Seth Keen, Ramblings of a Post-industrial Media Maker
Vadócz Péter, Global Warming
Andrew Ferguson, Honeymoon 1976
Smiljana Glisovic, Icie’s second year (in 5 Chapters)
Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath, Box Me Dumb

We hope you enjoy the programme and would like to use this opportunity to thank the MINA screening committee: Assoc. Prof. Andre Ktori (Massey University, New Zealand), Ben Lenzner (PhD Candidate Screen and Media Studies University of Waikato), Felipe Cardona (Universidad Externado de Colombia), Dr Frances Joseph  (AUT University, New Zealand), Karen Curley (School of Design, Massey University), Laurent Antonczak (MINA co-founder & AUT University, New Zealand), Dr Mark Jackson (AUT University, New Zealand), Dr. Marsha Berry (RMIT University), Tony Meyers (Smart-Movie Making) and Dr. Max Schleser (MINA co-founder & School of Design, Massey University) and MINA’s partner film festivals: iPhoneFF (USA), SEISFF (Korea), Cinephone (Spain), Mobile Film Festival (Macedonia), Mobil Film Festival (USA), Ohrenblick and Mobile Streifen (Germany).

With a special thanks to the School of Art & Design (AUT University) and CoLab (Creative Technologies Research Institute for the Faculty of Design and Creative Technologies at AUT University) and continued support from the School of Design and the College of Creative Arts (Massey University).


Going Mobile?

The MINA 2013 Symposium, Screenings and Workshops explore the expansion of mobile social media, mobile technologies, mobile production and mobile aesthetics.

From November 18 – 22, 2013 AUT University will be the home of a series of events exploring mobile technologies in film, education, business and creativity.  The week begins with a two-day mobile filmmaking workshop, and moves into the Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium, before closing with the third edition of the International Mobile Innovation Screening.

The events are co-hosted by MINA (Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa), Colab (AUT University) and the School of Art & Design (AUT University) in collaboration with the School of Design at the College of Creative Arts (Massey University, Wellington).

Within the last few years, the proliferation of smartphones and other mobile devices has changed the way people interact and communicate.

The 2013 MINA Symposium and Screening is centred around the question, ‘how are mobile and social media technologies used to create innovation through creative and cultural practices?’ and will seek to answer this question through presentations of papers, workshops, poster presentations, performances, project showcases and mobile screenings in situ and via live web-broadcasts.

3rd Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium

21 – 22 November | 9.15am – 6pm

The Symposium provides a platform for filmmakers, artists, designers, researchers and industry professionals to debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in art and design environments, education, and the creative industries.

The 2013 programme explores some specific mobile developments and dynamics in a multi-disciplinary context such as mobile & media production, mobile & pedagogy, mobile & aesthetic, mobile & hybrid art, mobile & interactivity, mobile & space and mobile & society, mobile & transmedia.

Keynote speakers are Helen Keegan (University of Salford, UK) and Larissa Hjorth (RMIT University, Australia). Whats my ip .  Presenter topics range from ‘Twitter, Instagram and Micro Narratives’, ‘Collaborative Mobile-Mentaries (mobile documentary)’, ‘The Brown Book: Māori in Screen Production’ to Instagram Video and the Creation of Slow Media, ‘mobile location-based augmented reality gaming’ and ‘the democratization of Mobile Filmmaking’.

Cost: $45 – $130
Location: AUT City Campus WG403, Level 3, WG Sir Paul Reeves Building, Governor Fitzroy Place



The International Mobile Innovation Screening 2012 will showcase an international screening programme of mobile short films. Simultaniously the MINA [Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa]Mobile Creativity and Innovation Symposium opening reception will take place at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington, Te Anakura Whitiahua, on the 23rd November 2012.

MINA reception (6.30pm) and mobile film screening (7pm-8pm)

The 2nd International Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation symposium hosted at Massey University Wellington, on 24th/25th November, will provide a platform for filmmakers, artists, researchers and industry professionals to debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in a changing art and design environment and the transforming creative industries.


The Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa [MINA] creates interactions between people, content and the creative industries.

In its second edition the Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium provides a platform for filmmakers, artists, designers, researchers, ‘pro-d-users’ and industry professionals to debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in a changing art and design environment and the creative industries. The symposium will explore these developments and dynamics in a transdisciplinary context. As part of the program MINA also presents the International Mobile Innovation Screening 2012 at the New Zealand Film Archive in Wellington on Friday 23rd November at 6.30pm (RSVP:

The Mobile Creativity and Innovation Symposium will take place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th November 2012 including a keynote by Prof. Gerhard Goggin (University of Sydney). Please see for conference program. On Sunday the 25th November the MINA events conclude with a unconference sessions (featuring the Mobile Art Lab and “eBook Production” using “iBooks Author” workshops).

Mobile phones have evolved rapidly from a communication device to a creative and educational tool.  The current mediascape can be described as a dynamic ecosystem that has seen the emergence of new media aesthetics and formats, such as iPhoneography and mobile-mentary (mobile documentary) filmmaking. For communities world-wide mobile technologies provide access to a vast amount of new services. where is my ip . (Mobile phone) users (or rather pro-d-users), artists, designers, filmmakers and independent creatives can define new modes of mobile media practices transcending the realm of established disciplines and transforming the contemporary mediascape. The participatory turn in media culture (collaboration, co-creation and crowd-sourcing) creates new opportunities and challenges for visual communication design. Mobile devices enable us to see the world from new viewpoints and angles.

Saturday 24th November 2012

8.30 coffee & registration

9.00 am

Global mobile innovation

Ben Rabe, UX-designer & artist - The Distributed Artist

Miss Pixel – Isabelle Gagné, iPhoneographer & designer - Winter project: a mobile art work in a University hospital center

Tiago Franklin R. Lucena, PhD candidate, LART – Art and Technoscience Laboratory at Universidade de Brasília - The pathos of the city: mobile and sentient technologies in public health

10.15 am

Mobile 2.0: participation and interactivity

Simon Miles, School of Arts and Digital Industries at the University of East London and Dr. Ananda Breed, Theatre Studies at the University of East London - Co-authorship and interactivity in multi-cam mobile filmmaking

Richard Vickers, Lincoln School of Media University of Lincoln - Mobile Media, Participation Culture And The Digital Vernacular: 24-Hours.In & The Democratization Of Documentary

Assistant Prof., Wenceslao García, Professor, Miguel Corella, Professor Nuria Lloret, Polytechnic University of Valencia -Building inoperative communities through mobile web 2.0

11.30 am

Global mobile innovation II

Dan Wagner, Department of Performing and Screen Arts, Unitec - Mobile In Global Out – International Collaboration in Wireless Movie Making 

Caridad Botella Lorenzo, Art/Film Critic & Author - What ever suits you and your people: customizing the use of mobile media

Prof. Liliane Leroux, Rio de Janeiro State University Anne Clinio, PhD candidate, Information Science (Ibict – UFRJ)  -Aesthetic disruptions – mobile audiovisual experiences from urban slums and peripheries of Rio de Janeiro.

Lunch 12.30-2.00 pm

2.00 pm – 3.00 pm

Mobile Filmmaking – Current trends and developments

Dr. Miriam Ross, Victoria University - Vertical Cinema: A New Regime?
, Universidad Externado De Colombia – Videoloop, a russian montage dream come true or a new editing form
Dr. Craig Hight, Screen and Media Studies, University of Waikato - Digital videography as coded practice: agency within software culture

Felipe Cardona, Universidad Externado De Colombia - Videoloop, a russian montage dream come true or a new editing form

After Noon Break 3.00 pm – 3.30 pm

3.30 pm -4.00 pm


Muhammad Razlan b Rashid Ali, Faculty of Communication and Media, UNISEL, Universiti Selangor, Malaysia - Mobile Journalism

Ahmad Shaharuddin Amin Sahar, Independent trainer and consultant, Malaysia - Mobile Learning

Roy Parkhurst, College of Creative Arts, Massey University - Phony Photographies: Ontological Aesthetics, Biopower, and the Mobile Phone Photojournalism Controversey


Keynote by Prof. Gerhard Goggin, University of Sydney

The Futures for Mobile Innovation: Platforms, Constraints, Visions, Opportunities’

5pm Reception

Sunday 25th November 2012


Mobile Media and social change

Ben Letzner, PhD Candidate Screen and Media Studies, University of Waikato - Mobile Phone Video & Social Activism Within the Media Ecology of New York City

Guy Ryan, filmmaker, designer & entrepreneur - Inspiring Stories

Gaby David, PhD Candidate, Laboratoire d’Histoire Visuelle Contemporaine, (LHIVIC) at the École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS), France - A comperative panorama: social networking and visual mobile applications

Associate Prof. Lynne Ciochetto, College of Creative Arts, Massey University - Globalisation, culture, class and mobile phones

Lunch 12:15 -1:15 pm

1:15 pm-2:30 pm

Global mobile communities

Anna Jackson (co-director of Transmedia NZ and PhD candidate PhD at the University of Auckland and The University of Melbourne) - “SHOOT ME NOW”: an international mobile live collaboration

Leith Pierce, Educator - Taking it to the Streets: An examination of flash mob phenomena

Dr. Max Schleser, Karen Curley, Tim Turnidge, College of Creative Arts, Massey University, Glocal Experiments in mobile filmmaking and networked mobile video distribution

Laurent Antonczak, AUT University & entrepreneur - HONO: Relflexions on the 1st Rangatahi mobile story-telling workshops

2:45 – 3:45

iPad/iPhone creativity

Sumit Vishwakarma, iPad Artist - iPad – the new Canvas for Artists 

Simon Gray, Artist - Mobile Art Lab

Scott Symonds, Centre for Teaching & Learning Massey University - 21C to 700 B.C in a swipe: The Classics meet iPad

Stephen Atherton, Apple - Mobility and Educational Technology. What the future brings

3:15 – 4:45pm

MINA Workshops: Mobile Art Lab /  “eBook Production” using “iBooks Author”

(Advanced registration essential due to limited capacity:

On the 16th June, Te Papa hosted a one-off screening of a selection of creative works made for mobile phones, using mobile phones by Laurent Antonczak and Max Schleser.

Laurent presented music videos designed for small screens, including New Day Interactive, a kinetic music video that responds to user’s mobile phone movements, and Hamster Squaredance, an interactive music video that uses embedded QR codes (Quick Response barcodes that can be read by mobile phones).

Max showed two mobile-mentaries (mobile documentaries) made using mobile phones; Max with a Keitai, a film shot entirely on two mobile phones in Japan in 2006, and Ekaterinburg, a short mobile-mentary about the Heartbeat Festival in the Russian city of Ekaterinburg.

Both Laurent and Max were present at the screenings to discuss their work, and also ran a digital media workshop focusing on mobile film production at Massey University during the weekend following the Te Papa event, (June 17th to 19th 2011) .

Experimenting with the mobile phone to see what works… or does not.

Discovering a new medium and developing relevant content for mobile devices.


Seven teams to part in the workshop and explored the following potential fields:

Social Engagement

Community Involvement

Viral Marketing for a Feature Film




On the weekend of the 24th and 25th February 2012 MINA projected works submitted throughout

February for the MINA at Fringe Mobile Visual Art Showcase. The 16 minute video projection

featured approx 250 photographic images by 42 artists from around the world shot on various mobile

devices. These works can also be viewed on the MINA facebook and tumblr sites.

This projection is in addition to the showcase video that has also been showing at the Fringe featuring

invited mobile artists. This video can also be viewed in the TV Lounge at the Film Archive Wellington.

MINA will present the showcase again at the Fringe Festival Awards Ceremony on Sunday 4th

February as well as mobile films submitted via the iSupr8 MINA At Fringe app.

MINA wishes to thank the artists who contributed their work for the showcases and being part of one

the first mobile visual art projects in New Zealand. Special thanks to MEA Mobile / iSupr8 app.


Shoot and share. Showcasing the creative edge use of mobile technology
in visual arts; photography and moving image. Locally. Globally.

Submit your mobile photography and mobile films for show & screen events at the Fringe Festival 2012 via iSupr8 or email to

The use of mobile phones in the creation and distribution of creative content in the hands of both amateurs and professionals is rapidly growing. In New Zealand, at the forefront of this new art form is MINA (Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa), brining together a collective of mobile content creators both locally and internationally.
MINA at Fringe presents a combination of a mobile visual showcase and “pop-up” public screenings around the Wellington Fringe Festival Festival 2012.
Content is exclusively created on mobile devices, primarily from iPhone, Android and Symbian platforms and includes photography (“phoneography”, “iPhoneography) and moving image (“micromovies”, “mobile-mentaries”). Artists from New Zealand and around the world can submit their mobile films and photography content to be shown at MINA at Fringe showcases and pop-up screenings.
For this occasion MINA curated a mobile photography show-reel including 34 mobile photographers from around the world:
Mobile photography and mobile films can now be submitted till the 20th February 2012.
To submit your mobile photography or film, simply email them to within the specified time-frames.

For MINA at Fringe, MEA Mobile have added a special MINA portal within their vintage 8mm film iPhone app “iSupr8″. Users of the app can directly submit any of their iSupr8 videos for show at MINA at Fringe.
Fringe-goers and participants can use their mobile devices to shoot and upload their own experiences during the Festival. Submit your mobile work and be part of Wellington Fringe 2012!

Check the MINA website, follow MINA on tumblr and Facebook for screening times, updates and further information.

MINA on Facebook

MINA on tumblr

MINA on twitter: #minaatfringe / @MINAmobile