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International Mobile Innovation Screening 2011 & MINA Mobile Creativity and Innovation Symposium

International Mobile Innovation Screening 2011

23rd – 26th November 2011

Film Archive, Wellington, New Zealand

MINA Mobile Creativity and Innovation Symposium

26th November 2011

Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand

Registration [$ 30 including lunch]


MINA, the Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa, is a network project that explores the possibilities of interaction between people, content and the emerging mobile industry.

The International Mobile Innovation Screening 2011 at the Film Archive in Wellington will showcase more than 55 international short films and four feature films produced on mobile devices. In addition MINA will feature selected screenings from the Mobilefest (Brazil), Mobile Screenfest International (Australia) and Ohrenblick (Germany). The program is curated by the Mobile Innovation Network Aotearoa [MINA] and presents these works for the first time in New Zealand.

International Mobile Innovation Screening 2011

[Film Archive, Wellington]

23rd November

Opening Night   [6pm – 7pm]

Mobile Short Film Screening [7pm – 8 pm]


24th November

Mobile [Film] Festivals [6pm – 7pm]

Why didn’t anybody tell me it would be become this bad in Afghanistan

by Cyrus Frish  [7:30pm – 8:50 pm]


25th November

Envision/Decision/Mission by Roger Guetta and Moscow Diaries by Adam Kossoff    [6pm – 7:15 pm]

God in my Pocket by Arnault Labaronne   [7:30pm – 8:50 pm]


26th November

Mobile Short Film Screening [6pm – 7:30 pm]

Triton by Benoît Labourdette   [7:45pm – 8:45 pm]


MINA Mobile Creativity and Innovation Symposium

Massey University, Wellington

Executive Seminar Suite (5B 14)


Registration [$ 30 including lunch]



The MINA symposium will provide a platform for filmmakers, artists, researchers and industry professionals to debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in a changing art and design environment and the creative industries.


10:30 Registration

11:00 am

Dr Camille Baker – MindTouch: Mobile Media Performance   [UK]

Kasia Molga – Saving the world with Twitter – musing on alternative ways of communications. Not necessary among humans.   [UK]

Dr Christopher Fry – Marking the possibilities: QR codes and new notions of space and place [UK]

Chair: Karen Curley


12:00 pm

Andrew Quitmeyer – Semi-Automatic Filmmaking with Mobile Devices [USA]

Laurent Antonczak  – Mobile Devices and Art Museum, a new learning experience [France]

Daniel Mauro – Speaking without Listening: Limitations of the Online Distribution and Accessibility of Amateur Video   [USA]

Chair: Roy Parkhurst


1 pm – 2pm Lunch Break


2 pm

Dean Keep and Marsha Berry – The Mobile Aesthetic: Exploiting the possibilities for Creative Practice

Roy Parkhurst – A small history of cinematography: Walter Benjamin and the tradition of the city portrait

Gavin Wilson – The Body as Physical Conduit for Experience in a Phenomenology of Cell Cinema

Chair: Dr. Max Schleser



Associate Professor Lynne Ciochetto – Cellphones and social services for the ‘bottom billion’

Tiago Franklin – The Brazilian Perspective on Mobile Art and Mobile Filmmaking [BRAZIL]

Daniel Wagner – Entertainment Lab for the Very Small Screen (ELVSS)



Rosângela Ap – “Mobile Art” – Mapping, Analysis and Classification of Poetic Proposal to use Cell Phones

Max Schleser – Mobile Filmmaking 2.0

Miss Pixels – I am not a Photographer  and Roger Guetta Envision/Decision/Mission [Canada]

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