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Ready! Aim! Record! Global film event Shoot Me Now is locked and loaded for December 21

Filmmaking can be a long, expensive and complicated process… unless you’re making live short films on a mobile phone. Shoot Me Now 2012 is a unique filmmaking event that encourages anyone and everyone with a mobile phone and Internet access to simply get out and shoot, focusing on creative ideas, spontaneity, collaboration and fun.

Shoot Me Now was first launched in 2011 by VIRTUO (Auckland | Strasbourg | Helsinki) in collaboration with MINA (Aotearoa) as part of the French short film participatory celebration “Le Jour Le Plus Court”.

The 21st of December is the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year, hence the title of the participatory celebration “Le Jour Le Plus Court” (The Shortest Day). On this day thousands of events will be held throughout France, and internationally, celebrating the creativity and diversity of short film across a variety of formats including web, mobile, TV and cinema.

In keeping with the participatory celebration’s aim to promote collaboration and creativity, anyone with a smartphone and a wifi or 3G connection can take part in Shoot Me Now. Films will be shot on mobile devices in real time using the Bambuser mobile app and streamed live on the web at www.shootmenow.me.

“The emphasis is not on hi-tech equipment or production values but on participation and creativity. There are a lot of constraints, such as filming live and shooting in only one take, but those limitations can be very inspiring,” says Laurent Antonczak of VIRTUO.

Because films are streamed live, participants have the opportunity to respond to each other’s work, opening up possibilities for global collaboration. “We encourage filmmakers to create dialogues and to bounce of each other. It’s very exciting to see what can happen when strangers talk to each other in the language of film,” says Laurent.

For more information about the event and to take part, visit: