Nominating Aotearoa Apps for World Summit Award

In May MINA will nominate eight New Zealand mobile applications for the WSA award. The World Summit Award (WSA) is a global bi-annual award that promotes the world's best e-Content and most innovative ICT applications. The winners will be invited to Abu Dhabi (conference, exhibition and gala).

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The theme of the #MINA2014 program is On The Move. In response to an open call for submission more mobile, smartphone and pocket films were submitted than ever before. This year already in its 4th edition, the MINA showcase includes micro-movies and micro-formats on travel and mobility, as well as various adventure films.

4th Mobile Creativity and Mobile Innovation Symposium

The Symposium on the 20th and 21st November provides a platform for filmmakers, artists, designers, researchers and industry professionals to debate the prospect of wireless, mobile and ubiquitous technologies in art and design environments and the creative industries.