Mobile Journalist (MoJo) and Film Makers
We, a working film crew, designed a perfect ergonomic tool for serious Mobile Film Makers: a light-weight, flexible Mobile platform.

The BlackWing allows you to quick-change accessories effortlessly

Camera, Phone, Camcorder, Audio Recorder, LED Lighting,

Microphone… and the list goes on.

No other product offers a kind of flexibility for Mobile Film Makers like the BlackWing.


Got 4K Camcorder or DJI-Mobile-4K,1,2 Stabilizer?You can mount those as well in SECONDS!
Become a FotoSafari Quick-Change-Artist 🙂

Take a look at a basic smart phone setup on the left, and more options on the same platform. You can change any accessories within seconds!

FotoSafari Products donates 100% of their profit to support Mobile Film Festivals around the world, and to talented Film Makers who use their Mobile Phones.
(BTW, we, as a film crew, use all of our products every single day.)