MINA runs Smartphone Filmmaking & Social Media Content Production workshops for creatives, community groups & organisations

Smartphone Filmmaking >> Unlock Your Creativity

They say the best camera is the one you have with you. Join Max Schleser to zoom in on the growing community of smartphone filmmaking. Learn how to shoot your film, edit on the fly, and submit to well-known smartphone film festivals, such as MINA (

The workshop will give you a brief overview of digital storytelling (with Adobe Spark Video), filming with FiLMiC Pro app and editing with Adobe Rush. Max will introduce additional filmmaking gear and apps (such as Rode i-XLR), helping you to make decisions about what is the right choice of equipment for your project and budget. Participants will practice their new storytelling skills under the guidance of Max Schleser, who has produced two feature length mobile and smartphone films and more than a dozen of short experimental and documentary smartphone films ( Max will introduce rookie and pro workflows, production techniques and tools he uses for experimental short and feature documentary productions. He will talk about his collaborative filmmaking approaches and how he uses workshops to co-create smart docs with participants from a variety of backgrounds, including community groups and NGOs.

Over the last decade smartphone filmmaking evolved from an underground and art house into an egalitarian filmmaking and moving-image practice. In an international context mobile, smartphone and pocket films can provide access to filmmaking tools and technologies for a new generation of filmmakers. Max will review the developments and directions in mobile, smartphone and pocket filmmaking through the International Mobile Innovation Screening. During the last eight years he curated the international screening, which captures and celebrates smartphone films about communities and cities from around the world. Mobile, smartphone and pocket filmmaking expands the tradition of experimental filmmaking and documentary. Most smartphone films are created on the move and reveal new trends in filmmaking. Max will discuss the multiple vectors that drive the constant innovation in mobile, smartphone and pocket filmmaking and provide an overview of the international scene.

Workshops can be run in a day, over a weekend or three days.

MINA will develop an outline suited to your skills and interest. The workshop schedule can be tailer made for your organisation or project including the following elements:

* Screening of smartphone films and smartphone documentaries
* Crafting great narratives… | What is YOUR story ? | How stories engage & connect to specific audiences
* Storytelling & filmmaking process as easy overview
* Workshop participant’s story & idea generation
* Getting stories out there
* Documentary & experimental smartphone films
* Smartphone footage in a feature Documentaries & TVCs
* Tech talk: Adobe Rush / Filmic Pro / LumaTouch / XLR mics and iRig Recorder
* Using Social Media for Compelling Storytelling
* Embracing the Everyday & Creative Moments
* InstaWorkshop: Utilizing Social Media Platforms


Depending on your background and skills we will tailer make and craft project based advice. Your project can be in any stage during production (pre-production, production or post-production).

We will showcase additional filmmaking gear and apps, helping you to make decisions about what is the right choice of cameraphone and equipment for your project and budget. Participants will practice their new skills under the guidance of the workshop tutors and can complete a short project.

We are looking forward to see your project at the MINA International Mobile Innovation Screening.