Go Mobile, Stay Creative

Mobile Studies Congress 2023

Hangzhou, China, 16-17 December

(in-person, virtual, and hybrid)

After successfully organizing its past three congresses since its debut in 2020, Mobile Studies Congress 2023 (MSC2023) will take place on the 16th and 17th of December 2023 at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China.


This year’s theme is “Go Mobile, Stay Creative.” What role does creativity play in shaping and continuously redefining mobile media, mobile and smartphone filmmaking, mobility research, mobile creative arts, mobile music making, and mobile communication?

MSC2023 will explore and examine innovation and creativity in screen storytelling, community engagement, and novel production formats such as smartphone filmmaking, vertical video, mobile social networks, mobile live streaming, music/sound creation with apps, micro movies, and mobile XR.

Developments towards Industry 4.0 (including Artificial Intelligence, algorithms, and automation) and ongoing digital transformations continue to disrupt creative industries to produce new business models, production environments, and distribution channels. Innovative technologies and mobile creativity allow various communities to create artistic and cultural productions globally and forge new synergies among academic disciplines. Mobile is the window to the world for most of us (Xu, 2019). As much of our world has gone mobile, it is vital to examine the changes, challenges, and chances that define mobile studies and mobile media making in 2024 and the near future.

Mobile media remixes and remediates old and new media and shapes storytelling to generate new forms and formats (Berry and Schleser, 2016). Mobile media’s specificity is expressed through accessibility, mobility, and its intimate and immediate qualities (Schleser, 2021). Since the early days of mobile media, this emerging research field has continuously redefined itself and its practices and contributed to cultural change.

As our world has entered a disturbing and disrupted period after the disastrous COVID-19 pandemic, the pressing need is to creatively leverage mobile technologies, mobile media, mobilities, mobile storytelling, mobile music, smartphone filmmaking, and mobile communications to help achieve Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

Keynote speakers include Professor Susan Kerrigan (Professor in Film and Television, Department of Film, Games and Animation, Centre for Transformative Media Technologies, Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia), Professor Hu Wenzhong (Dean of Institute of Journalism and Communication, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing, China) and Professor Wei Lu (Dean of the College of Media and International Culture, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China) and Associate Professor Dafydd Sills-Jones (Deputy Head of School Design & Creative Technologies, Auckland University of Technology, Auckland, New Zealand/Aotearoa), and Dr. Angus Cheong (Founder and CEO of ERS e-Research & Solutions, Macao).


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