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New MINA category: #EcoSmartphoneFilms

#ESF – #EcoSmartphoneFilms

Focus on Ecology – MINA 2021 goes green: A Special Mobile Film Program curated by Gerda Cammaer

#EcoSmartphoneFilms is a new special program within MINA with a selection of the best and smartest environmentally themed mobile films of 2019-2020.

#ESF is looking for mobile filmmakers interested to share their stories and creative solutions for all kinds of environmental issues in the form of eco-centered short documentaries, narrative movies, experimental or animation short films, all shot on mobile. Our mission is to inspire critical understanding and creative solutions through the power of mobile film, to raise awareness about environmental topics and to promote mobile film production about environmental protection and ecology in all its aspects.

We are looking for short mobile films that show the planet’s beauty as well as the local, regional and global environmental challenges we are facing; films that highlight inspirational stories about people working to protect the environment as well as stories of nature taking revenge in its own way, or surviving against all odds. Critical films about mobile cinema itself being ecologically unfriendly or ideas about how mobile media are or can be more environmentally friendly are also welcome.

Selection Criteria:

1. The film should be about environmental issues and/or use environmentally friendly technologies, in other words, it should be Eco-Smart.
2. Only short films (up to 20 mins max), shot on mobile, and finished after January 2019.
3. We accept mobile films of any genre, but have a preference for projects that experiment with form as well as content. Work produced for a commercial purpose or within a commercial context is not eligible. Student films are welcome.
4. The film’s subject matter, the production of the film itself or the film’s director should have a connection to an ecological topic.
5. If the film qualifies as an ecological mobile film because of the director or the production method used, make sure to make this clear in the synopsis or to include this IN the film.

We look forward to receiving your EcoSmartphoneFilms.

Please submit through the MINA portal on Film Freeway, clearly indicating that it is for the #EcoSmartphoneFilm Program.

Gerda Cammaer (Toronto, Canada) and Max Schleser (Melbourne, Australia), organizers.