Struman Optics



The sophistication of Smartphone camera evolution today allows everyday users to take high-quality pictures with relative ease, turning millions of people around the globe into prolific photographers.

For those who like a bit more, and miss the flexibility of cameras. Struman optics now bridges that gap between SLR cameras and smartphone Photography providing German engineered interchangeable lenses for Smartphones.

Cinematic 4k

Break tradition and match professional quality right on your mobile phone with the Struman Cinematic lens. Capture more of life’s moments in wide clear views and unrivalled clarity.

Why is it better?

DSLR camera power right on your mobile device

Beautiful memories in high definition

Travel friendly and lightweight for any occasion

Beginner use friendly

Vivid and enhanced colours with no special apps or training required

Capture sporting events, family gatherings, vacation memories and more


ProSeries Photo Extension Kit

Universally compatible professional lens kit complete with a Fish Eye, Wide Angle & Macro in a durable travel pouch. What is the ProSeries Kit? “Designed for the everyday picture lover

Designed for the everyday picture lover for mobility, quality, compatibility, and ease of use! The ProSeries kit techology delivers DSLR professional grade quality combined with Struman Optics’ color-enhancing design for better photos.

Why is it better?

A lens for every occasion

Made with You in Mind

Easy portability and durability for all your events and adventures

Quick set up (snap on and start shooting in seconds!)

No extra tech or apps required

DSLR professional quality at a fraction of the cost, right on your phone

Everything you need to start capturing the moment.