Beastgrip, Co. is an innovative hardware company dedicated to creating advanced mobile photography, filmmaking and live streaming equipment. In 2013, with only an idea, 3D printer and the amazing support of Kickstarter they were able to introduce the world’s first universal smartphone lens adapter/rig system with a completely new and unique approach in design and functionality, which has since been awarded with a number of patents. Since then, they’ve raised over 425K on Kickstarter, released a handful of other innovative products and continue to be a part of some of the most groundbreaking videos ever shot with a smartphone, such as Bentley’s “Intelligent Details” docu-series, Michel Gondry’s Détour, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero’s “No Love Like Yours” and many more.

Beastgrip Pro

The Beastgrip Pro is the world’s first universal lens adapter and camera rig system for smartphones. It has an adjustable lens mount and spring loaded clamps ensure secure grip and perfect fit with virtually any phone on the market.*

The Beastgrip Pro includes an updated lower clamp jaw and lens mount with two different interchangeable rubber inserts for improved functionality, fit and overall performance with all phones.It’s a modular rig system with a removable lens mount assembly and handle that allows you to modify the setup your personal preference, and includes industry-standard photography mounts and an ergonomic grip, which allow you to attach a wide variety of photography/filmmaking gear to increase the quality of your photos and videos.

Beastcage for iPhone

The most advanced iPhone photography and filmmaking cage ever made. Create your dream rig with multiple built-in ¼”-20 mounts, an integrated cold shoe mount, dual neck strap mounts, a 37mm threaded lens/filter mount (compatible with Pro Series lenses, DOF/DOFMK2 adapters) and an additional bayonet mount plate for Beastgrip M Series lenses.
Also includes oversized cutout for attaching lightning microphones and charger cables, mechanical buttons for comfortable access to power/volume buttons, a secure, fast-locking cover for quickly mounting/dismounting your iPhone and custom accessory mounts for attaching dedicated handles, grips, etc

Beastgrip DOF Adapter MK2

The Patented DOF Adapter MK 2 is the most advanced smartphone SLR/DSLR & Cinema lens adapter ever created. It allows you to use an SLR/DSLR & Cinema* lens with the powerful smartphone camera that you have in your pocket for an incredible bokeh, shallow depth-of-field and film-style look and the ability to pull focus manually like on professional cinema cameras.

The DOF Adapter MK2 incorporates a new patent-pending system with a rotating barrel and unique locking mechanism to easily frame the focusing screen and at the same time align the bayonet mount and SLR/DSLR lens in the correct orientation to see your lens measurements like on a professional camera.

Compatible with the Beastgrip Pro and the Beastcage