Mobile Motion

Throughout the history of film, filmmakers have made their break into the industry with low-budget productions. With an increasingly high quality camera sitting in our pockets, and editing equipment affordable and convenient (compared to a Steenbeck, for example), it has never been easier to make high quality films with minimal budgets. With platforms such as YouTube and Amazon now accepting virtually all levels of filmmaking, there’s a direct and almost instant route from filmmaker to audience.

Independent film has already been changed forever by the digital revolution. But if distribution is now in the hands of the filmmaker, what use are festivals?

In the past, a film festival existed to enable film lovers to watch films. This function is almost redundant in the age of digital streaming. However, digital film has brought with it a new challenge for film lovers – not “how do I watch?”, but “what do I watch?”. With so much new content being created, how do you find the best?

That’s why we watch hundreds of films and select those we feel have achieved incredible things with minimal resources. But that’s not all. We also help more people to use the camera in their pocket to tell powerful stories.

Why do we exist? Simply to lift up those filmmakers without access to big budgets and show their stories to the world.