Urban Screens Productions

UTV delivers unique, outcome-oriented solutions for activating public spaces successfully and sustainably.

We have an international reputation as a leader in Digital Placemaking, Urban Screen design, installation and management and program content curation. We are dedicated to providing sustainable solutions to support the development of community-focused, technologically-enabled public precincts. We partner with arts and cultural organisations, city and state governments, academic institutions, community groups, retail precincts, artists and the private sector.

Our services span strategic and technical consultancy, operational and content solutions, and facilitating diverse creative projects. We provide support to our clients through the facilitation of research projects, strategic development and documentation, technical planning and delivery, and policy and process expertise. Our primary value is our team’s uniquely relevant and broad experience across all aspects of the project requirements, our networks, our commitment and our vision.

We offer a comprehensive end to end solution from concept development and feasibility studies through to commissioning and subsequently offering world class creative design and production and screen management. We offer our clients insight into the development of public spaces using technology for enriching audience engagement and building communities of practice around this niche industry.

The team at Urban Screen Productions (UTV) have specialised in the design and installation of predominantly LED screens, projection solutions, media facades and the use of technology in the design of public space across Australia for over 12 years. As audiences change and the market grows we have recently focused more on augmented reality and interactive platforms within these spaces as a means of audience engagement.

Urban Screen Productions are routinely engaged directly by state and local governments and Cultural Institutions as well as by our commercial design partners to deliver well considered, innovative solutions entirely appropriate to their specific audience requirements. UTV provide expert consultancy, outstanding technical solutions and inspirational creative content for all our various partners both nationally and Internationally.

Our vision extends beyond what is perceived as possible and our commitment and capabilities take us there. While we work and play in the commercial world, we share a commitment to the development of urban screens and public media infrastructure for civic, artistic and cultural purposes. We seek to engage and empower the public in issues relating to urban, cultural and environmental sustainability.