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[ DAY #01 | WEDNESDAY 30/11/2016 ]

9:00 > Registrations
9:30 | 9:40 > Acknowledgement of Swinburne (Dean)

9:40 | 9:45 > Introduction – Max Schleser & Marsha Berry

9:45 | 10:30 > Keynote #01 – Stefano Odorico


11:00 | 12:00 > Session #01 – POLITICS

Cliff Ashford (New Zealand) 15 min
Auckland University of Technology – Student Driven Mobile App Project

5 min Q&A

Boris Bačić via Hangouts (New Zealand) 15 min
Open source video coaching and crowdsourced media sharing: Improving video segmentation usability via ad-hoc mobile mashups
5 min Q&A

Crystal Abidin (Singapore/Australia) 15 min
L8r h8r: Fans, haters, and ephemeral solidarity in Influencer wars

 5 min Q&A

12:00 – 13:00 > LUNCH, included with the Symposium registration

13:00 | 14:00 > Session #02 – IDENTITIES

Jung Moon (Korea) 15 min
Smart Ajumma: a study of women and technology in South Korea

5 min Q&A

Paula van Beek (Australia) 15 min
Did the iPhone 4 front-facing camera cause the selfie craze? : Unpacking the complexities of performing the self.
5 min Q&A

Patrick Kelly (Australia) 15 min
Mobile Co-Creations through WIL Project Work with Aboriginal Partners

14:00 | 15:00 > Session #03 – STORYTELLING

Felipe Cardona via Hangouts (Colombia) 15 min
INTERCOLABDOC, an Experiment on interactivity, collaboration and mobile filmmaking 5 min Q&A

Gerda Cammaer, Phillip Rubery & Max Schleser (Canada / New Zealand / Australia) 15 min Ubiquitous & Mobile Narratives: Exploring Mobile Creativity
5 min Q&A

Rewa Wright via Hangouts (New Zealand) 15 min
From AR to VR on Smartphones: Paradigms and Paradoxes of Mobility 5 min Q&A


15:30 | 16:30 > Session #04 – PLACE

Gerda Cammaer (Canada) 15 min
New Voices: Teaching Mobile Cinema and the Unlearning of Film Conventions. 5 min Q&A

Olivia Guntarik & Aramiha Harwood (Australia) 15 min Co-creative sites: Place making with mobile media
5 min Q&A

Dean Keep (Australia) 15 min
Smartphone Poetics and Evocative Documentary Practices

5 min Q&A

16:30 > Symposium DAY #01 – Closing words – Max Schleser & Dean Keep 18:50 | 20:30 > PUBLIC SCREENING, included with the Symposium registration International Partner Film Festival Screening

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[ DAY #02 | THURSDAY 01/12/2016 ]

9:00 > Registrations
9:30 | 9:40 > Acknowledgement of Swinburne & MINA (Dean / Max Schleser)

9:40 | 9:45 > Introduction – Max Schleser & Tristan Bunn

9:45 | 10:30 > Keynote #02 – Fee Plumley


11:00 | 12:00 > Session #05 – MAKING

Martin K. Koszolko (Australia) 15 min Creative methodologies of mobile musicians

5 min Q&A

Dave Miller via Hangouts (United Kingdom) 15 min Sherwood Rise – The AR Novel
5 min Q&A

Steve Jones via Hangouts (United Kingdom) 15 min
Making, Playing, Moving: The Carry Principle and Mobile Music Practice 5 min Q&A

12:00 – 13:00 > LUNCH, included with the Symposium registration

13:00 | 14:00 > Session #06 – HEALTH

Ana Velho, Tiago Lucena & Dorne Vinícius (Brazil) 15 min
Mobile Apps versus endemic diseases transmitted by Aedes mosquitoes (Dengue, Zika and Chikungunya)
5 min Q&A

Ayan Said (New Zealand) 15 min
Mobile technology creating a space for youth leaders in health

5 min Q&A

Max Schleser & Riz Firestone via Hangouts (New Zealand) 15 min Mobile Health 4 Pacific Youth
5 min Q&A


14:00 | 15:00 > Session #07 – POLITICS6

Xiaoge Xu and Wendy Li (Malaysia/Australia) 15 min Comparing Mobile News Experience
5 min Q&A

Lynne Ciochetto (New Zealand) 15 min
‘Mobile mobilisation’: activism and the mobile phone in Burma, Indonesia and Malaysia 5 min Q&A

Miriam Ross (New Zealand) 15 min
Vertical Framing: From User Generated Videos to Corporate Marketing

5 min Q&A


15:30 | 16:30 > Session #08 – LOCATION

Thomas Cochrane, David Sin eld, Marcos Steagall & Talita Tolutau (New Zealand) 15 min Exploring Mobile360: Immersive user-generated mobile images and video
5 min Q&A

Hugh Davies (Australia) 15 min
The Cultural Aesthetics of QR Codes

5 min Q&A

Troy Innocent (Australia) 15 min
XON KON – generating mobile stories through urban play 5 min Q&A

16:30 > Symposium DAY #02 – Closing words – Max Schleser & Dean Keep

18:50 | 20:30 > PUBLIC SCREENING, included with the Symposium registration International Mobile Innovation Screening #06 – Dean Keep & Max Schleser



[ DAY #03 | FRIDAY 02/12/2016]

Workshop: VR & 360 video workshop


On Friday December 2 (2pm-4pm), MINA will hold a special VR showcase and workshop at Swinburne University.  The VR workshop is an open show and tell forum for participants to present their VR and 360 video projects, VR tools and technologies.


Nowadays mobile camera phones, smartphones and pocket cameras are ubiquitous. The aim of the 360 mobile video & mobile VR workshop is to experiment with smartphones as a creative tool and to discover the capabilities of this innovative form of visual storytelling. The 360 mobile video & mobile VR workshop will be organised in the form of an unconference sessions. Participants are asked to bring along any 360 mobile video or mobile VR tools and technologies. We will explore a framework built upon a mashup of Google services that empower user-generated 360 content creation, publishing and sharing, consisting of an ecology of resources that includes:

•Google Maps

•Google Cardboard & Daydream

•Google Street View

•Google Local Guides

•YouTube 360 Video


Showcase presenters:


Miriam Ross and Raqi Syed (Victoria University of Wellington)



“Circle Versus Square: VR as the Third Experience”

For their experimental VR project that tests how the rectangle, as dominating visual framework in traditional screen culture, can be dismantled in favour of the sphere in virtual reality, Raqi Syed and Miriam Ross have been collaborating with Wellington performance group, Binge Culture, and Kevin Romond from Weta. One of the main aims of the project is to explore a particular way of utilizing the spherical virtual space — one in which the apparatus of production is preserved and exploited even —  as part of the storytelling process. The project has been utilising portable Samsung 360 cameras as well as custom building VR rigs to work with GoPro cameras and lightweight gimbals. Miriam and Raqi will discuss this work and, if possible, show footage emerging from the project. More information on the project can be found here http://circlevsquare.xyz/


Edward Bellamy & Tom Mitchell (Staples VR)

Staples VR is a boutique VR content creation company focused on bringing the newest forms of emerging technology to Australia and New Zealand. With Offices in both Melbourne Australia and Auckland New Zealand we provide full rental, tech support, production facilities and concept design to the VR industry.

We have a full team of in-house experts to take your production from the idea phase right through to delivery across multiple platforms and devices.


Dominik Stockhausen

Dominik Stockhausen is a director and CG generalist based in Ludwigsburg, Germany. He studied Theater and Media Studies at the University of Bayreuth where he worked on several movie and theater productions. Since 2012 he has been a student of Animation and Visual Effects at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Specializing in creating cinematic VR content his focus lies on finding innovative new ways of storytelling. He is the director and producer of the animated VR Short ‘SONAR’ that has been featured at this year’s Sundance Film Festival.


Dr Thomas Cochrane


Thomas is an AJET Associate Editor, an editorial board member of RLT and IJMBL, and the coordinator of the Ascilite Mobile Learning Special Interest Group. The Ascilite MLSIG aims to explore the unique affordances of mobile devices for student-generated content and student-generated contexts via such technologies as collaborative media production and sharing, VR, AR, geolocative and contextual sensors, drones and wearable technologies.


Dr Max Schleser


Dr. Max Schleser is a filmmaker who explores mobile devices as creative tools. His portfolio includes various experimental and collaborative documentary projects, which are screened at film and new media festivals internationally. Schleser co-founded the Mobile Innovation Network Australasia. He teaches video production, cross-media production and supervises MDes, MFA and PhD students.